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Oct 28, 2012 9:30am EDT
trump was o on davivid letterman.n. he h had already made a wager tchallelenge barack obama his college transnscriptsts. oand on about why he supports mitt romney. dad letttterman sang, a look at your neckties. made in china. >> mitt romney comes down hard intellectual property theft you try toot like if hold them accountable, there is reversal and 2 i instantly sing up from t process. >>e need to get a break and t to hear whi y would think about obama. it will bring in our full rounud table. stay w with . discuss inlot to this campaign. i gott when my internet here was faster thanmy at my office. [ man ] i got it when i upload a gigabyte of photos. i literally wanted to say "did you see that?" [ male announcer ] when people switch from cable to verizon fios, there comes a ment when they get it. the difference 100% fiber optics makes. when i saw that picture, i really got it. i can enjoy the gamee betr at home than going to the stadium. i got it when our apartment became the apartment. [ male announcer ] there's never been a better time to get it. get our best price online guaranteed fo
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1